Greenwich Apple Store



Kim Tamalonis
Kim Tamalonis Typically, visits to the Greenwich Apple Store are great! However, in May I brought my 11 month old 128 GB iPhone to the store, because it was having significant problems maintaining battery life. when fully charged, the phone would drop down to either no charge or almost no charge before my eyes. The store fixed another problem that they identified, but they did not resolve the issue at hand. They did reinstall software and sent me home with the message that my phone was probably fixed. Also, they didn’t record why I had come to the store. Significant problems persisted. I wasn’t able to return until the beginning of August, when my first visit to the store was awful. I was told that my phone was out of warranty and there was no record that I’d come for the same problem (though they did have recorded that they had done diagnostic tests on the phone). I was told repeatedly that I could buy a new phone. Unfortunately, I had to cause a stink. A very kind young woman performed a new reinstall and the unsympathetic manager tried to convince me that reinstalls usually fixed similar problems. Well, that had already been their band-aid approach in May. A week later, the phone still wasn’t working. I took it back again. I had a huge event in the city on the 31st that I had spent the summer coordinating. I needed my phone to work. Finally, a sympathetic Apple genius decided to replace the phone. Were my review based on my first experience, I would’ve given no stars. However, there were several people who helped me over the visits who were receptive to the issue and who sincerely tried (or wanted) to help.

To everyone at the store who worked with me, this was the event for which I needed a working phone: