URGENT: 8/31/16 Art Workshop for Refugee Kids Needs Bus (info and “Go Fund Me” link)

On August 31st, around 25 recently resettled refugee children will create art at one of New York City’s museums.  We can not include additional people at the museum, but if you have ideas about how to fill the day with joy, please let me know.  One donor will provide school supplies to kids.  I plan to give each child an art kit.  If you would like to contribute to the bus or in other ways, please contact me (contact form below).

 Go Fund Me Link

URGENT:  (Extremely Time Sensitive)

Dear Foundations and Philanthropists,

Please help with an August 31st workshop for refugee children who have resettled in the New York area.  Successfully pulling details together within an extremely tight time window will determine whether or not 25 kids participate.

On Monday, August 1st, the director of Church World Service’s branch for refugee settlement and I met to plan.  I wish I could sugar coat this, but the bus that will transport children from Jersey City, NJ to a major New York City museum and back needs funding, right away.
Last year, my Rye Middle School art students and I engaged in efforts to help refugee children by selling art, selling cards and sending 100 pounds of art supplies to kids at the Za’atari Refugee Camp.  Please see this article to learn more about the ongoing focus:  https://roundhillcolormill.com/2016/07/06/syrian-crisis-efforts-to-help/
In this interview, Rye TV’s “Rye Views” talk show anchor, Paula Fung, interviews my students and me:  https://roundhillcolormill.com/2016/07/24/rye-tv-anchor-paula-fung-interviews-rye-students-and-teacher-about-art-and-outreach/
I would be happy to email specific details about the project to anyone who might help.
 Thank you so much for your consideration!
Kim Tamalonis

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