Some ways to help…

I have asked some children in the program to create art for the backdrop of a public service announcement. The announcements will address Church World Service’s need for jobs for refugees. If any of you have a forum (print or online), where you could post one of the announcements (and/or future announcements on a range of issues), please let me know.

Children will earn points for their participation in the BPF that can be exchanged for rewards. I’m looking for sustainable reward options to include in a booklet.

One program, Friend Link, will match English speaking kids with refugee children who need to practice speaking English. At the high school level, kids will meet in Manhattan for occasional afternoons at a museum. Needed: train tickets and lunch vouchers.

Volunteer financial and legal guidance.

Enabling grants that will kickstart the program, from contributing to postal fees associated with sending kids’ art back and forth to helping with establishing a small staff of 1-3 people.

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